More details about the Thursday March 28th, 2013

Recap of the meeting as sited in #25 on this page: UN Rights Abuses Ida Has Suffered

  1. Informational

(- intimidation, lynch mob feeling for calle)

date: Thursday March 28, 2013

place: LG

present: big meeting, 30 people, everyone living at LG and all their families, LG staff, barbro

dad, mom, calle,

The following incident speaks to the desire of the LG group to break Calle’s spirit, through threats and humiliation.

  • Calle received a phone call the morning of March 28th to inform him that LG is having a public meeting.  He received no explanation as to what it was about.
  • When he arrives, he’s surprised by 30 people being present. It’s highly likely that the other people had prior notice of the meeting.
  • All the residents and their families are present, many of whom live far away so they’ve obviously been given advanced notice.
  • Barbro explains that LG has never received any complaints but outlines how one would register a complaint if they wanted to.
  • Then she says, there is one complaint.  She reads this to room, then announces that everyone should take a break to consider it.
  • When they reconvene, Calle’s father stands up and reads from a prepared statement that his son, Calle, is responsible for sending in the complaint.  The attitude of the room turns against Calle.
  • Note: The complaint was actually made by Cecilia, not Calle. See: CECILIA ERICZON’S ATTEMPT TO SEEK JUSTICE THROUGH THE SWEDISH COURTS
  • Calle was unable to defend himself;  all he could do was stand there, holding mom’s hand, taking the abuse.
  • The meeting went on with attacks on Calle for some time.
  • Only one person, Märit, resident of LG, VERY BRAVELY, stood up and said, “it’s actually not very good here“. She explains that the residents actually aren’t treated very well.
  • Märit’s family interjects and suggests that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and should not be paid attention to.
  • Her daughter and granddaughter both affirmed their belief that Märit is  mentally ill and they object. Märit says (later), “How would you know? You’re never here.“
  • They asked her, what’s not good.
  • Märit says, staff are rude, they curse and they don’t treat us right.
  • finally dad is done and sits.
  • after dad gave his speech the room broke in to applause with everyone staring Calle down.
  • then, the staff accuse calle of locking mom in a dark room. (This is what had been reported to ivo by cecilia.)
  • calle never made these reports, mostly because he genuinely feared for mom’s good care and even her life.
  • especially after the threats of sept 8.
  • calle really couldn’t know how serious their threats were. they could really could kill mom and get away with it.
  • furthermore, calle was discouraged from going to the police.
  • others had reported to the police and received backhanded threats since the commune manager knows the police


The following letter is a response from Ohan Lunblad, a friend of Ida and Calle Johansson’s who was present at the meeting on Thursday, March 28, 2013 in which Calle was attacked and denounced as a menace to the Levinsgarden and Gaddede community. See #25 on this page: UN Rights Abuses Ida Has Suffered.

Letter from Ohan Lunblad:

I’m glad I could visit Calle and Ida, and I try to help as much as possible! Sadly I could only stay there a short time. The feeling I have from this visit is very mixed. I managed to see Ida 7 times, in four days, and the last time I saw here was Thursday 28th April, just before “the information meeting”. I have the ambition to tell you about all the seven visits. This mail is mostly about that last one, and we’ll see how, and when, I’ll manage to tell you about the other ones.

Calle is so grate, and Ida has been very happy to see me every time I have been there. But its obvious that she does not feel safe where she is now. We have heard here scream in horror almost every time we left here. One of the evenings when we left, or was kicked out, the feeling of walking through the empty corridor, hearing Ida’s scream made me think of the movie “the shining”. I’m not evens sure if I can completely comprehend how Ida must feel.

In the morning of the last full day I spent in Gäddede I joined Calle when he was taking Märit, who also lives at Levinsgården, for a walk. We returned with Märit a couple of hours before the meeting, and Barbro Blom said that there was a person there who wanted to talk with Calle. It was the security administrator at Strömsund komun, named Irene.

The three of us sat down in the lobby, and she explained that she wanted to understand the situation regarding Calle, Ida and Levinsgården. I was mostly observing the conversation quietly and noticed a couple of things that made me feel that things did not quite add up. She claimed that she wanted to make sure that Ida will get treated with respect and get the proper care, but at times I felt that she was very defensive. For example she was several timer sitting with here arms in a cross and calming that thins that had been done wrong could not possible have been happening. She also had some strange questions and comments. Asking Calle how much more he can take, like she was fishing for how soon he will collapse, and then apologized for asking, not to give suspension. She had started with “Isn’t it grate here!”, (No, Ida is afraid!) and “And Ida must be so much better now.” (No, she get worse everyday due to the “treatment”.) “But it can not be due to the personal at Levinsgåden?” (Well, they are the one who force Ida to bed, to much of the time and against here will…) And she made clear that she, as the security administrator, had made up some restrictions regarding what you can do in the buildings, “in order to protect the once employed by Strömsunds komun”. But here rules are disagreeing with Swedish law…

Towards the end of the talk with Irene, I pushed for that she should see Ida together with Calle.

She had asked about seeing Ida, but had shown some hesitation. There was some minutes before the big meeting so we went in to see Ida. As usual she was relay happy to see Calle and me.

When I observed Ida while Irene was talking to here about when she was living in Gäddede, it was obvious to me that Ida understood what Irene was talking about. I could easily read on Ida’s face what she was trying to say thing like:

“Hi, who are you?”

“Ya, I remember that, don’t you Calle!”

“I’m glad to see a a new person here!”

“No, don’t leave, we are not done talking!”

So the claims that Ida is not able to communicate are definitely not true!

As the information meeting was about to start, the room was filling up with people and I was asked to leave by Calle’s father. I asked Barbro Blom If I could stay but she said that it was only for close relatives. I asked if I could wait outside and how long the meeting would take, and she said that the meeting would take one and a half to two hours. Calle asked me to get him some bananas since he had not yet gotten any lunch. Before I left I told Barbro that I would come back to hand Calle something to eat.

When I got back, Irene, the security administrator, had spotted me through the window and came to meet me in the corridor. She whispered that Calle’s father was speaking and that the moment was not to be disturbed, and took the bananas to Calle. Then I could hear that the crowd was applauding, and I got a relay bad feeling and I was shaking as I left the building. I knew that Calle was alone in there with everybody in there against him, and I felt sad that I could not support him in the meeting. It was definitely not a meeting that would have been pleasant to be at, especially not alone.



Additional notes from Calle Johansson regarding the meeting:

The meeting was on Thursday March 28th, 2013.

The minor thing is that Märit’s daughter and granddaughter didn’t explicitly say that Märit is crazy, although that was the outcome. The way they put it was that Märit is less knowing and that no one should take notice of what she says – an easy way to shut her up in front of all the others. Nothing could be more untrue as both Ohan and Cecilia can confirm who have met Märit.

Märit is very smart and quick thinking and her timing is impeccable. She did one really remarkable thing at the end of this meeting – a thing that beats even the movies. A tiny thing that shut everyone else up. At the end of the meeting it was a very threatening atmosphere in the room, where people in the meeting had claimed me to be mentally ill and psychotic (although it all seemed very staged since people knew when they were going to talk directed by Barbro and that Dad even had his talk written down). Ohan describes it well in his report. When the meeting is over people are VERY angry with me and it clearly didn’t feel safe to be there. One person stands up and starts clapping slowly. Then others join until the whole room stands up applauding. People form a line for Dad to show him sympathy and shake his hand saying “Thank You for what you have done”. Märit came up to me instead, shook my hand and said the exact same words: “Thank You for what you have done”. The person shaking Dad’s hand suddenly looked really ridiculous and it took the edge off the rage that they had worked so hard to create. I had to laugh when Märit did this. It was a true moment.

Märit is a phenomenal lady. She has the most soft and polite, but perfect comments with perfect timing that can just undress anyone when they are doing wrong. There have been many of those occasions over the past couple of years. It would be worth writing a book just about Märit. Another of her spot on comments is from this meeting when her daughter and granddaughter claims that Levinsgården is really great taking care of their residents really well and Märit replies “How do you know? You are never here.”.

Nevertheless, what you have written below is correct. It was a horrible, scary and very creepy meeting. I hope that I never will have to face a meeting like this again. And definitely not without Märit.

UN rights abuses Ida has suffered

Events Inconsitent with Ida Johansson’s rights – recorded by Simal Saujani who recently visited Gaddede from Toronto, Canada.

These events have been described to me by Ida Johansson’s son, Calle Johansson. There is some form of documentation, whether personal notes, emails, etc. to confirm these details. These notes cover as much information as we could document since the time that the abuse began, as well as a few key events from my own observations from the week I recently spent in Gaddede in early January 2015.

There are six basic principles contributing to her extreme and horrible circumstance:

  1. A) Loss of personal freedom (choice/movement)

(article no. 1, 3, 9, 13)

  1. B) Cruel treatment

(article no. 5)

  1. C) Loss of right to self determination

(article no. 6, 7)

  1. D) Unfair trial

(article no. 8, 10)

  1. E) Freedom of expression, opinion, association

(article no. 19, 20)

  1. F) Unprovided medical/social care

(article no. 21.2, 22, 25)


LG = Levinsgården (nursing home where mom is forced to stay)


  1. Preliminary

date: june 29, 2012

People: dad, mom, ambulance

  • stroke in car at cabin
  • circumstances unclear
  • dad claims she’s in the car, did not call for an ambulance
  • drove her to Gädede
  • an ambulance took her to Ostersund
  • dad did not go with her, even though mom was unresponsive.
  • arrive friday night, saturday night Ida is placed in stroke icu
  1. Preliminary / B (article 5 -kept in dark room)

jdate: uly 1, 2012

place: icu in östersund


  • physical therapy in morning
  • sister arrives sunday morn

During that first week:

  • sister says, not allowed to see mom, claims mom will not survive
  • brother and wife say farewell to mom
  • sister claims mom is blind
  • sister gets mom her own room, makes it pitch dark at night (note: mom is afraid of the dark)
  • stands by her bed and says mom will never get well.
  • sister tells dad, mom will not get well.
  • sister, sitting by mom, talks to dad about how useless the church is
    knowing it will hurt mom to hear this
  1. Preliminary and A (article 9, 13 -mom has said before stroke and says now, prefers not to be at LG)

date: first week after stroke (mon 2, july (maybe tuesday))

place: tv room, icu at östersund

people: calle, sister calls margot swanström

  • tells her mom will go to LG, the place she has always feared the most, as if there were no other option.
  1. Preliminary and A,B (article 5, 9 – left alone, locked in a room)

date: july 27

place: LG

  • mom transported to LG
  • yoshiko is present, a loving close person to mom.

Yoshiko witnesses the following:

  • mom is alone in a room crying, feeling lonely
  • sister had been there until previous day
  • mom not allowed to leave room the whole time
  • only on monday was she allowed to leave the room
  • daily physical therapy stopped at LG
  • she did get weekly 1/2 hour therapy from Elizabeth Turesson
  1. B (article 5 – wrong, painful and potentially lethal medication given)

date: july 28

place: LG

  • mom has severe gas pain
  • left unaided in extreme pain
  • the cause of the gas is the incorrect medication, as determined in august
  • only when her son calle massaged her stomach was she able to release the painful gas which continued to be released for a very extended period of time
  • she couldn’t move herself but she needed to be moved to get the gas out
  • extremely painful
  • this continues daily (hourly) for weeks
  • worse at night when she lay in bed unable to move
  • calle spent a few nights with her
  • calle turned her and massaged her
  • massages lasted 45+ min, until severe pain stops
  • then a few hours later, gas pain comes back
  • this went on for very long time, maybe ten weeks

aug 4-5 (anneli andersson)

friend of calle works in health care came weekend after

  • she realizes it’s not food, not lack of physical activity
  • realized it’s a med that produces a gas which is LIFE THREATENING when you can’t move and in fact should not be given to non physically active people
  • MED: lactulose ***
  • side affect of producing gasses, life threatnening
  • note – old people (on a plane) should avoid gaseous foods because it can go to your heart, which is generally understood in medical circles
  1. B (article 5 – wrong, painful, potentially lethal medication)

date – ? several times, probably aug 5 or 6

barbro (manager of LG and chief medical nurse)

  • we ask barbro about the gas issue
  • barbro refuses to change that medication
  • anneli andersso (friend of calle) confirmed in stockholm and calle asked stroke unit in norrtälje
  • they both advise stop this medictio immeditely
  • anneli andersson wrote an email to barbro asking her to stop
  • email record is available upon request
  1. A, F (article 1, 3, 21.2 – denied medical treatment and intimidation)

date: thursday august 2, 2012

place: entrance couch (to your left as you come in) of LG

  • sister calls maria strängby at LG
  • maria talks to calle and says calle must immeidatly stop requesting rehab for mom because, it will kill your mom and your dad
    she claims
  • four peple (sister, brother, mom’s sister, dad) called her and requested her to ensure that mom gets no rehab because mom and dad are weak
  • calle disputes this on obvious grounds (dad goes hunting regularly and is not “weak” as claimed)
  • maria argues that this rehb will kill mom
  • she claims the rehab in Remonthagen will leave her in a corridor unattended because she will not have any priority.
  • claims that they will not take her to the bathroom, even worse than how they don’t here at LG.
  1. Informational (see 9)

date: july 16, 2012

  • calle goes to a convention in herräng and speaks with 5 different doctors; people with family stroke experience
  • all are confused that someone needing so much care would be in a nursing home
  • calle calls the at Ostersund ICU daily, never receives a return call (Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri, Mon…)
  • calle calls patient nämnden (doctor complaint board)
  • finally doctor calls back the same day (see below, 9)
  1. B, F (article 5, 21.2 unprovided referal for rehabilitaion treatment)

place: phonecall

people: calle, doc kicki allebjer

date: july 25, 2012

  • doctor says mom would benefit from rehab
  • calle asks why she wasn’t sent to rehab
  • doctor explains that after icu, he wanted to send mom to rehab, she had no real answer. but she mentioned that she’s old and we don’t know how long she will live.
  • calle demands to know if she would benefit from rehab, why she wasn’t sent.
  • the doctor suggests that the doctor in gäddede can write a referal
  1. Informational

fri july 27

place: phone call

  • calle calls stroke assoc. they were helpful
  • they said it was unheard of to send a stroke patient who needs close csre to an elderly home
  • they referred calle to local stroke assoic here in ostersund
  • national contact in stockholm – daniella (last name in records)
  • chairman of local stroke assoc in local district is greta toreskogbackman
  • calle calls her july 27, greta is extremely helpful, tells calle, it would not be hard to get mom to rehab.
  • greta has extensive exp. in this district there are 300 strokes / year.
  • she calls back saturday, one day later
  • there are 3 options
  1. a) Remonthagen (free, best)
  2. b) Reacting AB (private, she recommends)
  3. c) private in Strumsund (but she had no pesonal exp with this place)
  • just talk to the doc, all he need do is write a referal
  1. B, F (article 5, 21.2 – medical care denied

date: july 30

at dad’s house

  • calle has seen local doc (Dr. Mats Ullén)
  • he calls back at dinner time on monday at calle’s father’s house
  • says he knows mom really well, he’s surprised she was not sent directly to a rehab place. it’s well know this need is immediate. every hour counts. he says he will immediately write a referral tonight.
  • note: dad and sister had previously claimed the referal was imossible to get. that they had tried.
  • this is calle’s first contact with this doctor
  • calle asks his dad, are you going to stop this referal
  • dad says no.
  • later monday night, dad and sister speak on phone
  • tuesday morning 8am, dad drives to the doc and tells him to cancel the referral (calle learns this next day, see below)

10am tuesday july 31

place: LG

meeting: bistoåndshandläggaren, barbro blom, mom, calle, dad +other staff

  • it is decided LG is mom’s permanent home
  • mom is there but falls asleep, can’t wake her up even afterwards
  • same tuesday, PT Elisabet from Strumsund (i.e. Elisabeth Turesson) shoes up. mom is unwakable.
  • finally when they wake here, she’s devastated and cries and cries.
  • mom eats no lunch. she is devastated.
  • after lunch Elisabet comes back, wakes mom up and all mom can do is cry.
  • calle asks mom if she wants rehab. she stops crying. she wakes up and gets attentive. calle tells her he’s got a referral and she perks up .

3pm same day

  • doc says, dad is closer to mom and should decide. calle says the needs of the patient should decide. doc gets angry and refuses to talk.
  • calle speaks with Dr. Mats Ullén says dad was here this morning and he told him that mom shall not have rehab.
  • later on tuesday calle calls chairman of stroke assoc greta
  • greta is shocked. never heard of any situation when family denies help. ususally it’s the opposite, they want more.
  • suggests calle calls Remonthagen,
  • calle speaks with Barbro Bengtsson at Remonthagen (councillor)
  • if the doc wrote the referal, maybe it’s in the system.
  • calle goes back to mom, dad is there and mom is very distant.
  • calle asks dad to stay and calle tells mom that dad talked to the doc and got him to cancel the referal. calle asks dad why? dad says, “you do what you want, and i do what i want.“
  1. Informational

date: wed aug 1

just outside LG

barbro and chief doc at Remonthagen closed care (jjan-anders rehnström)

  • they call calle and ask for the referal. they said they have not received thereferal but mom is welcome as soon as the referal arrives. dad was present
  1. A, B, F (article 5, 13 – leave mom in pain, alone / refuse Calle visiting rights / refuse „second stroke“ medical assistance)

date: thursday august 2, 11pm

  • after maria tells calle rehab will kill mom and dad, she will be left in the corridor, etc.
  • calle tells mom in in the evening, calle explains he’s gone for a jog
    on returning to LG, maria has locked the main entrance door and calle cannot enter the building
  • calle was locked out and they refused to open the door
  • calle stayed there for over an hour
  • mom lay there with extremem gas pain
  • calle leaves and returns in the morning. mom looked more dead than alive.
  • calle apologizes.
  • calle is locked out the next night as well.
  • next morning mom looks like a ghost.
  • maria calls 8:30 in the morning, she calls dad, calle is with his father
  • next night, maria calls dad and claims that mom had another stroke in the night. (calle still locked out)
  • nevertheless they refuse to take her to östersund in an ambulance.
  • mom is unresponsive. allows 9am visit.
  • dad and calle arrive at 9am.
  • as soon as mom hears calle and dad’s voices, she wakes up. when maria sees that, she’s very surprised. but she maintains that mom had a stroke.

it turns out:

matts made the diagnosis at 7am

  • maria and Dr. Mats Ullén accuse calle for cause of second stroke. that calle had been taking her for walks in a wheelchair. and this caused the stroke. i.e. the daily wheelchair outing casued a stroke in the night???
  • mom wakes up but looks terrible with the same extreme stomach gas pain. it takes a long time to get them out.
  • for the folowing two weeks, mom is not allowed out of her room.
  • they close the windows and blinds down even though sunny outside. (like the beginning when sister was around)
  • during these two weeks calle’s not allowed in at night.
  • mom is still suffering the gasseous medicine.
  1. Informatinal

date: 11 august

place LG

people: elliott and linda arrive.

they see mom is uncared for.

  1. A, B, F (article 1, 3, 5, 21.2 – refuse calle from doing exercises with mom

date: aug 10 (approx)

place: LG

  • calle gets stroke exercises from herräng friends who are physiotherapists
  • also from greta, stroke assoc chirman.
  • calle dells LG docs and nurses he wantn to do these exercises with mom and calle is told he is not allowed to do these exercises with her.
  • example: pulling herself up out of the wheel chair.
  • reason to calle was forbidden was non given.
  • sister via maria the nurse and enforced by the staff.
  • then not allowed to film mom to show other docs, which would be normal to show her capabilities to determine what rehab she should get.
  1. A, E (article 1,3, 19 – Calle threatened)

date sept 8, 2012

place: LG

time: 2pm

  • calle called at 1:35 by barbro
  • meeting: calle, anders andersson (district rep, appointed by elected committee), dad, brohter, sister, barbro (bad), ulla (a nurse at LG), maria (nurse at LG),
  • calle is told not to discuss mom’s care with anyone and threatened not to be allowed to see mom if he does. if calle talks to anyone outside the present group, it will hurt mom and it will hurt calle.
  • specificaly they mention the dance festival which is schedule to take place in gaddede one month later.
  • calle will be considered a lunatic in the village if he continues to talk. they threaten that the dance event will not be successful.
  • they also require that nobody else writes on the internet about what’s going on.
  • sister found that lawerence ilg had written on facebook. lawrence had posted calle leaving herräng because of his mother’s stroke.
  • the commune manager required calle to ensure that lawerence would erase what he’d written on facebook about mom’s condition, care or the situation at LG.
  • no one was allowed to send birthday cards on her birthday. this was a requirement from sister.

mom’s birthday: sept 9

  • somepeople at herräng organized a mass birthday card sending.
  • sister forbid it.
  • at this meeting, dad has a prepared full written paper, from which he read his statements. i.e. he was fully prepared.
  • dad says, among other things, he does not expect the staff to take mom to the bathroom when she needs to go. because, what should that staff do when she doesn’t need to go to the bathroom? should the play cards?
  1. E (article 19)

date: sept 9

place, 90th birthday of mom at LG ()

  • sister requires calle write on facebook that mom is being treated well at LG
  1. A (article 9, 13 – mom stranded at LG, not welcome in her own home)

date: sept 10, 2012

place: dad’s apartment

present: dad, ssister, anita schultz

  • sister and dad argue against that mom shuld have rehab, anita agreees with them
  • all three say mom should not be allowed to visit her home.
  1. Informational

date;: sept 17, 2012

place: hospital in Gäddede (tiny tiny)

present: Dr. Mats Ullén, dad, sister and brother (both on phone), barbro (bad), and others

  • Dr. Mats Ullén claims mom gets rehab at LG, claims mom gets the best rehab available in Sweden at LG, he is completey satisfied with the care mom is receiving. calle says mom has been losing functions instead of getting fucntion. doc says, ‘not every stroke patient gets better‘.
    (more: see 24. (feb 8, 2013))
  1. D (article 8, 10 – lawyer not acting in best interst of mom, prejudiced „second opinion“)

date: Sept (approx), 2012 (first call sept 14 (probably))

place: phone

  • calle talks to lawyer Ulla Linden (famous for protecitng rights of patients)
  • calle explains the case. calle asks for her service to advocate for mom.
  • calle explains the doc has cancelled his referral that he had written due to request from dad even though initially he’d stressed the importance of treatment.
  • calle tells her about the sept 8 meeting and threats.
  • she’s accepts. she sends a request for a second opinion to Dr. Mats Ullén and barbro though calle had requested that she not do that.
  • calle asks her why it was necessary to contact barbro. she says, that’s the way you do it by the law and this will guarantee that mom will get correct treatment. calle explains he called her to protect her rights against the doc.
  • Dr. Mats Ullén and barbro find a doc they like and ask him for a seoncd opinion; a retired doc in the village (a friend of theirs) Håkan Jonsson. For obvious reasons, this doctor says that everything is fine as is.
  • days/weeks later: calle calls patient nämnden and explains the situation. they say now, since there’s a second opinion, they no longer have any authority to do anything. So in effect the lawyer destroyed any power the complaint board would have had. the lawyer allowed the doc to choose who they wanted for the second opinion
  • (documented and available upon request)
  1. B, F (article 5, 21.2 – denied dental care, locked alone in her room)

date: september 2012 (started in august)

place:: LG

  • clear mom had extremely bad breath and something was wrong with her oral health
  • it turns out they were not brushing her teeth
  • linda (of linda and elliott) pointed this out clearly.
  • linda asked the staff.
  • by that time mom had extreme tooth ache, very painful and easy to see
  • mom was in great pain.
  • she was refused dental care by dad and barbro.
  • they claimed she had dental care but it was clear she didn’t.
  • by november, it’s so bad, the teeth were also loose. gums inflamed.
  • calle asks the staff and they dismiss it saying, “old people lose their teeth.“
  • mom had difficulty eating (getting into december/christmas)
  • when mom ate she would scream when she was eating.
  • staff came and said she was not nice and disturbing the others.
  • in the middle of meals they would pull her away and lock her alone in her room.
  • that happened many times continuing into spring 2013, the whole spring.
  • by spring 2013 her teeth were pretty much rotten.
  1. A, B (article 13, 5 – calle refused to see mom, mom left alone sick (on her back vomitting))

date: Saturday Nov 3, 2012

place: LG

  • mom is sick (stomach flu, throwing up).
  • calle is refused visiting rights. she’s locked in her room.
  • she’s throwing up.
  • calle manages to get into her room.
  • calle gets in when they open the door.
  • not every time locked but closed.
  • calle gets in.. found mom had been throwing up.
  • she’s alone, laying on her back. very dangerous, easy to choke and die on vomit.
  1. A, B (article 13, 5 – calle refused right to see mom, mom left alone sick (on her back vomitting))

date: dec 2012 (specific date is availalbe if needed)

date: jan 17, 2013

  • again similar, mom is sick.
  • calle is refused entrance.
  • sign on door, “no one is allowed to visit because of flu“ but, of course, staff are free to come and go.
  • they work hard to keep calle out but he manages to get in.
  • they’re really mad.
  • she’s still put on her back in bed, even though she’s throwing up, alone in her room.
  • calle not allowed to sit with her.
  • calle finds her with vomit on her face and neck.
  • they know she’s paralyzed and cannot turn her head. vomit all over her face and chest.
  • calle cleans her up and stays with her and tells the it’s going to end right now.
  • nobody takes calle seriously and makes no changes.
  1. D (article 7, 8, 10 – lawyer of anders andersson representing dad & överförmynderen)

F (21.2, medical docs show Dr. Mats Ullén making nuerological diagnosis)

date: feb 8, 2013

place: in court in östersund

present: judge, court people, lawyer of anders andersson, calle and calle’s lawyere, michael fischbein, överförmynderen (person who represents people who need support in a society, i.e. old, sick, anyone who needs help to defend their rights, name is: angelica texmo. dad on phone, possibly someone else on phone (brother)

  • before the court hearing starts, lawyer of commune manager, asks calle out and says, “if you drop the case, we will honour you“.
  • they made this hearing because calle didn’t sign the paper allowing dad to be the godman.
  • the godman is someone who has control and can speak for someone who no longer can for themselves)
  • normally in swedish practice this is not allowed to be an immediate family member; since they wanted an immediate family member in this case, every member of the family needs to sign that it’s okay. calle had refused (obviously). so he had no case to drop. it was in fact them bringing the case forward. calle is there for mom and not for honour.

in court:

  1. commun lawyer is representing överförmynderen (which makes no sense because they have conflicting interests).
  2. överförmynderen requests that dad should have all three levels of guardianship [i) property control rights, ii) protecting someone’s rights, iii) speak for that person (cares for that person) rights, i.e. speak for her, her wiches in any/all situations ]. Even though this seems to contradict her role as defender of mom’s rights.
  3. medical records that calle is never allowed to see are presented. it is made clear that the doc at LG, Dr. Mats Ullén, diagnosed mom with irreversible brain damage that treatment cannot help. Dr. Mats Ullén, however, is only a gp, he’s not qualified to make this diagnosis. and this contradicts what he originally said on sept 17 about mom getting the best rehab available in Sweden at LG. Furthermore, the second opinion, initiated by the lawyer ulla linden. revealed that the consulting doctor (i.e. friend of Dr. Mats Ullén and barbro) confirmed this neurological diagnosis, even though he himself is also only a gp doctor and not qualified.
  1. Informational

(- intimidation, lynch mob feeling for calle)

date: Thursday March 28, 2013

place: LG

present: big meeting, 30 people, everyone living at LG and all their families, LG staff, barbro

dad, mom, calle,

The following incident speaks to the desire of the LG group to break Calle’s spirit, through threats and humiliation.

  • Calle received a phone call the morning of March 28th to inform him that LG is having a public meeting.  He received no explanation as to what it was about.
  • When he arrives, he’s surprised by 30 people being present. It’s highly likely that the other people had prior notice of the meeting.
  • All the residents and their families are present, many of whom live far away so they’ve obviously been given advanced notice.
  • Barbro explains that LG has never received any complaints but outlines how one would register a complaint if they wanted to.
  • Then she says, there is one complaint.  She reads this to room, then announces that everyone should take a break to consider it.
  • When they reconvene, Calle’s father stands up and reads from a prepared statement that his son, Calle, is responsible for sending in the complaint.  The attitude of the room turns against Calle.
  • Note: The complaint was actually made by Cecilia, not Calle. See: CECILIA ERICZON’S ATTEMPT TO SEEK JUSTICE THROUGH THE SWEDISH COURTS
  • Calle was unable to defend himself;  all he could do was stand there, holding mom’s hand, taking the abuse.
  • The meeting went on with attacks on Calle for some time.
  • Only one person, Märit, resident of LG, VERY BRAVELY, stood up and said, “it’s actually not very good here“. She explains that the residents actually aren’t treated very well.
  • Märit’s family interjects and suggests that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and should not be paid attention to.
  • Her daughter and granddaughter both affirmed their belief that Märit is  mentally ill and they object. Märit says (later), “How would you know? You’re never here.“
  • They asked her, what’s not good.
  • Märit says, staff are rude, they curse and they don’t treat us right.
  • finally dad is done and sits.
  • after dad gave his speech the room broke in to applause with everyone staring Calle down.
  • then, the staff accuse calle of locking mom in a dark room. (This is what had been reported to ivo by cecilia.)
  • calle never made these reports, mostly because he genuinely feared for mom’s good care and even her life.
  • especially after the threats of sept 8.
  • calle really couldn’t know how serious their threats were. they could really could kill mom and get away with it.
  • furthermore, calle was discouraged from going to the police.
  • others had reported to the police and received backhanded threats since the commune manager knows the police
  • Note: In regards to this meeting, see also: ADDITIONAL NOTES ABOUT THE THURSDAY, MARCH 28th, MEETING
  1. B, F (article 5 – forced sleeping pill medication, not medically charted!)

(and medical malpractice)

date: monday july 8 – 22, 2013 (over a period of two weeks, every night)

date: thursday july 18 (talk with the doc described below occus)

doctor name: Jonny Johansson

place: Strömsund, Näva

present: mom

  • LG claim they cannot work with Calle present,
  • Calle suggests everyone needs a little holiday. They decide to send her Strömsund, Näva.
  • Calle asks, well, why not send her to Remonthagen, where she wants to go and can get rehab? They refuse and send her where she doesn’t want to go. The situation is similar and worse because she’d have no visitors.
  • mom is given sleeping pills
  • the nurses deny the sleeping pills.
  • the pills are not listed in the medical records.
  • calle and cecilia saw mom given sleeping pills.
    calle had requested that sleeping pills not be given;  if mom can’t sleep, just call calle and he’ll come sit with her.
  • one night calle and cecilia were there and the night nurse confirmed it was a sleeping pill that Ida had been given.
  • the nightnurse said she had to fulfil the sleeping pill medication because the main nurse had said so.
  • next day, the head nurse denied sleeping pill prescription.
  • doctor claims no pills because it’s not on her chart.
  • use of sleeping pills was also obvious from her constant drowsiness.
  1. B (article 5 – mom left sick (vomitting symptoms) on her back)

date: August 4, 2013

place LG

  • same thing as december when mom is sick
  • she’s sick, left alone on her back
  • calle finds her with puke on her face and chest.
  • calle writes that the same has happened several times. They have very deliberately put her on her back in her bed and locked her in alone in her room when she was sick and needed to throw up. Mom knew that she might have to throw up and she knew that she couldn’t move. She didn’t know when it would happen, but she knew that she probably would suffocate when it happened and that no one would come to rescue her. It is like giving someone a time bomb and you don’t know when it is going to go off – or even worse, since you already feel sick and scared and you feel that you might need to throw up, but won’t survive if you do. Mom did throw up, but she was lucky and she did survive. If that is not torture then nothing is.

Here are a few more examples when this happened:

  • When sick and throwing up being locked in alone in her room put on the back in her bed – even though she can’t turn herself when she is throwing up
    §  Nov 3rd, 2012
    §  Dec 26th, 2012
    §  Jan 11th, 2013
    §  Aug 4th, 2013
  1. E (article 19, 20)

place: Gäddede


  • many people (almost always choosing to remain unnamed) have expressed to Calle that they cannot speak out against the nursing home LG, the doctor Mats Ullén or the community leader, andersson.
  • this is because either they fear reprisal (economic, social or otherwise) or are connected to these people in some way.
  • this includes the church leader (name, his wife works at LG).
  • Other people have family at LG and they either don’t care (i.e. are happy their family is somewhere to die) or have been threatened that their family member will suffer if they speak out.
  • Calle and his friend Märit were welcome at the tourist info centre for fika, until their friend there was fired.
  1. A, B (article 9, 5 – mom denied eating meals with her famly)

place LG

  • mom wants to eat meals with her family. this right is denied to her.
  • she expresses that continually but the right is denied.

30 A, B (article 3, 5)

date: Oct 16, 2014

place: LG

present: Calle, Barbro, Maeve, Eva, LG staff

  • care planning meeting day
  • A care planning meeting was scheduled. Calle is, by law, entitled to bring (at least one) friend with him to this meeting.
  • Maeve Hunter was forcibily denied entrance (Barbro physically blocked her way) and so also was Calle’s friend, a chief doctor from Stockholm (Eva Törnqvist).
  • Maeve telephoned many authorities (police in various cities) all who refused to comment.
  • Maeve called a Swedish general emergency number who refered her to the local police.
  • At the meeting Calle’s family were not interested in discussing Ida’s drug plan.
  • Ulla, the main person in favour of administering Imovane/Zopiclone was not present.
  • Ida has communicated she would prefer no drugs.
  • Calle has more evidence/research to this fact.. Nevertheless, it was decided Ida would receive this drug.

– here a few more maybe worth including (simal)

31 A, E (article 1, 3, 19)

  • Calle’s family and LG staff claim mom cannot communicate but she clearly can.
  • she greets me (guest and friend from Canada, Simal Saujani), makes it clare when it’s time for fica, clearly is happy to offer fica.
  • she makes eye contact and offers cookies.
  • when she sees me, she reaches her hand to me and grabs my hand.
  • she sings when she’s happy.
  • she screams when she’s sad
  • these are strongly correlated to when calle comes in and the LG staff come in, respectively.

32 A, B (article 13, 5 – LG damn nurses)

date 10, January, 2015

place LG

present: mom, calle, chachi, simal and one LG nurse (name:)

  • chachi and i (both guests and friends from Canada) walk into the room at precisely 16:55.
  • we’ve brought dinner because we promised mom that we would, cook a nice dinner to share together.
  • the nurse is standing very close to ida and talking firmly with her.
  • calle is sitting calmy in a chair nearby.
  • the nurse ignores us, after a minute she leaves.
  • we set the table for dinner.
  • the nurse comes back with a tray of absolutely horrid looking plate of food (simal’s description) and offers it to ida.
  • she says very little but takes the glass of juice. the nurse hesitates.
  • calle offers her to leave the tray on the counter beside the sink.
  • the nurse is already walking out and says something sassy.
  • after calle confirms: “the nurse told ida she was not allowed to eat dinner anywhere else but the dining room and without us (her son and friends).”
  • ida had argued. the nurse took her chair and began to wheel her out. ida grabbed the table and held on, resisting.
  • note again: when i arrived, calle was sitting very calmly. he told me he suggested to the nurse, “well, why not ask what she wants?“
  1. B (article 5)

place: LG

date: 11, january, 2015

  • Calle called Chachi at 16:30, told us mom wet her pants.
  • the nurses put her to bed and threatened her with no dinner.
  • distraught, she fainted.
  • returning later calle stayed with her until 23:00.
  • he got home after 23:30.
  • we have no way of knowing if she got any food or not.
  • nevertheless, she was so happy to be able to see call eat –only because there were some white beans in her little fridge and she had food to offer him, her son.
  • we suspect she did not eat (there have been other suspicious occasions when it seems possible she went without food)


note: nobody else at LG receives any visitors. other friends of mom’s used to visit but then were discouraged to visit any more.

People referenced in the above:


Ida Johansson


Kullenvägen 10

830 90 GÄDDEDE




Calle Johansson

c/o Martin Sjöberg

Gussvattnet 247

830 90 GÄDDEDE


Mobile: +46 76 11 46 188



sister of calle

Margareta Johansson

Ängerås 2

532 73 VARNHEM


Mobile: +46 70  567 65 72

Home:  +46 511 608 32



brother of calle

Kent Ålstig

Mobile: +46 70 219 00 59

+46 70 346 67 48



dad of calle

Gösta Johansson

Storgatan 39B

830 90 GÄDDEDE


Mobile: +46 703 980 850

Home:  +46 672 102 15



Margot Swanström


0672-100 01


Kullen 2 B

830 90 Gäddede

Yoshiko Abe


Phone:  +1 (425) 503-9591

She lives in Seattle, WA, USA


Elizabeth Turesson

zz – need to find her (I believe Calle thinks she could be a friend, though she chose not to be supportive publicly). she is a physical therapist, now living in Värnamo


Anneli Andersson


Phone:  +46 731 422 522

She lives in Knivsta, between Arlanda Airport and Uppsala.

stroke unit in norrtälje

stroke unit in norrtälje

Anki Karlsson

Norrtälje Strokerehabilitering

+46 703 065 733


Barbro Blom (manager and head nurse at LG)

0672-41 67 01


Maria Strängby

070-606 96 71

072-726 39 35

Brogatan 39, 83090 GÄDDEDE

Karta och vägbeskrivning

doc kicki allebjer

Kristina Allebjer

Chief Doctor


Stroke Unit

Östersunds Sjukhus

831 83 Östersund

Phone: +46 63 15 32 08  (Stroke Unit)

+46 63 15 30 00  (Main number)

Kristina’s mobile phone:   +46 73 069 32 00


Stroke Unit Manager: Helena Ivansson

Medical Responsible: Magnus Gibson

Kristina’s private address:

Blomstervägen 22

832 47 Frösön

Phone: +46 63 51 07 30



Primärvårdsdagar 13-14 november


daniella (stroke assoc in stockholm)

Daniela Bjarne

08 721 88 21

greta toreskogbackman (local stroke assoc, östersund)

Greta Toreskog Beckman

Fritzhemsgatan 67

832 46 Frösön


Phone: +46 63 554 38 26

Mobile: +46 70 697 69 55


She used to be the chairman of the local Stroke Association in this district. Now her husband, Jens Beckman, is the chairman. She is still very involved in the Stroke Association and probably one of the most active persons in this district helping people with Stroke. She has been very helpful when it comes to Mom and finding care for her. It is my sister and my Dad that have refused Mom the care that exists and that she needs. Greta is also involved in the big Stroke rehabilitation initiative, RAS. She is also working with both rehab centers in the district: Remonthagen and Reacting.

In this article you can see Greta together with Helena Ivansson (Manager of the Stroke Unit at Östersund’s Sjukhus):

Here are some other references:,_GRETA


Barbro Bengtsson at Remonthagen

chief doc at Remonthagen closed care (jjan-anders rehnström)

Jan-Anders Renstrom, 063-15 30 00

barbro and chief doc at Remonthagen closed care (jjan-anders rehnström)

Barbro Norberg Mobil: 070-646 22 77

ulla (nurse at LG)

anita schultz (cousin of calle)

Annita Schulz

Västra Stärkesmark 12

911 91 VÄNNÄS

Mobile: +46 70 566 82 42

Home:  +46 935 300 57



lawyer Ulla Linden (faous for protecitng rights of patients)

Ulla Linden


VårdJuridik, Uppsala

018 – 13 11 23


retired doc in village Håkan Jonsson


linda & elliott

Elliott Donnelley


Phone:  +1 (415) 902-8095

+1 (415) 509-4899

He lives in San Francisco, CA, USA


Linda Wierman


Phone:  +1 (425) 922-5776


lawyer of anders andersson

calle’s lawyere, michael fischbein

angelica texmo (överförmynderen)

Märit (resident at LG)


Kullenvägen 10

830 90 GÄDDEDE



cecilia (friend of calle)

Cecilia Ericzon


Phone:  +46 70 544 08 62

She lives in Väse, just east of Karlstad, Sweden.

jenny (friend of calle)

Jonny Johanson (doc at Strömsund) Tel: 0670-166 00


sister of mom

May Ögren

911 00 Vännäs



Dr. Mats Ullén (horrible local doc here)

Dr. Mats Ullén


Eva Törnqvist


Ida’s current doctor is also Håkan Jonsson – a retired GP in Gäddede who made a neurological second opinion about Mom’s need for rehabilitation. He is also the person prescribing Mom 7.5mg Zopiclone every day.

Who is Involved

Fighting for Ida

  • Calle Johansson – Ida’s son and champion, fighting the Levinsgården abuse
  • Chachi Geraldes – a friend from Toronto, Canada staying in Gaddede to support Ida and Calle.
  • Cecilia Ericzon – a friend in Sweden who reported the abuse that she witnessed to the authorities.
  • Mandi Gould – a friend in Canada supporting the effort remotely.
  • Elliott Donnelley – friend from San Francisco, USA who has been to Gaddede and is supporting Calle and Ida remotely.
  • Maeve Hunter – a friend from the UK who spent time in Gaddede in Fall 2014 to support Ida and Calle.
  • Simal Saujani – a friend from Toronto, Canada who spent time in Gaddede over the 2014/2015 holidays.
  • Lorenz Ilg – a friend from Zurich, Switzerland, who has been to Gaddede.

Part of the Abuse Against Ida

  • Margareta Johansson – Ida’s daughter
  • Gösta Johansson – Ida’s husband and “God Man
  • Dr. Mats Ullén – GP
  • Barbro Blom – The head nurse.
  • Maria Strängby – Nurse, Manager
  • Ellinor Lindman – Nurse
  • Håkan Jonsson – a retired GP in Gäddede
  • Levinsgarden – The Nursing home – Dr. Mats Ullén, Barbro Blom, Maria Strängby and Nurse Ellinor are the team of people who are supposed to be “taking care” of Ida at the Levinsgården, nursing home in Gaddede, Sweden.

Immediately following Ida’s Stroke

Ida Johansson suffered from a stroke on 6/29/2012 and was sent to the hospital in Ostersund by ambulance. She stayed at the hospital for about two of weeks.

Dr. Mats Ullén originally wrote a referral to transfer Ida to a rehabilitation centre but then withdrew the referral after Ida’s husband refused her rehabilitation plan.Dr. Mats Ullén originally told Calle Johansson how important it was for Ida to get rehabilitation. Now Dr. Mats Ullén says that Ida would not benefit from rehabilitation. She would recover better from being in a home environment and by seeing her husband every day and that sending her away would make her worse.

Also, Dr. Mats Ullén did not send Ida to a hospital even though he diagnosed her as having a second stroke on 8/7/2012.

Håkan Jonsson – a retired GP in Gäddede – made a neurological second opinion about Mom’s need for rehabilitation. He is also the person prescribing Mom 7.5mg Zopiclone every day.

Why Do Ida’s Daughter & Husband Object to Rehab?

The principal reason why Ida was not sent for proper rehab was because her daughter and husband refused it. Her husband, Gösta Johansson, is Ida’s “God Man” like a guardian or trustee. You can read more about his appointment as “God Man” here.

Many people have wondered why they object to the rehab. It’s difficult for Ida’s son, Calle Johansson, to understand why his sister and father are behaving that way. Mainly, it’s felt that Calle’s father is under the manipulative influence of his daughter, Margareta Johansson. Perhaps it’s about money. Perhaps it’s about control. Perhaps it’s about some kind of revenge.

Their explanation of their objection to rehab is that Ida is too weak physically to get through rehab and also that she is mentally unequipped to benefit from it which is simply untrue.  Before she had a stroke, Ida went on long walks almost every day, read books, did crossword puzzles. She was very social and had many friends. She was very active and was in good shape for being 89 years old.

It’s important to understand all of the ways that Ida’s daughter, Margareta Johansson, and husband, Gösta Johansson, do not have Ida’s best interest in mind:

  • They insisted on getting Ida a private room, not because of a desire for privacy but for isolation.
  • They behave as though they are happy to hear Ida’s screams of loneliness and the anxiety that the isolation causes.
  • They encourage the staff to keep the room in pitch dark though Ida’s daughter well knows that she is afraid of dark.
  • Margareta and Gösta make a point and even argue to to keep Ida in the dark at Levinsgården, and to have her locked in to her room.
  • Margareta continues to paint Ida’s finger nails even though she knows her mother hates it. There is some sort of very sick and bizarre assertion of control in this continuing to take place.
  • Margareta, knowing that her mother hated electric tooth brushes before she ever had a stroke, sent an electric toothbrush to the home. Though most of the time they neglect Ida’s oral hygiene altogether, when they do attend to it they use the electric toothbrush which Ida demonstrates that she hates.
  • Margareta brought pants that are too small for Ida but requires the staff to force her in to the small pants anyways.
  • Margareta and Gösta argue and force Ida to bed against her wishes in the morning, in the afternoon and early in the evening when she is clearly fighting to stay up and objecting to bed rest in any possible way she can.
  • Margareta and Gösta argue against Ida’s right to go to the bathroom justifying this by saying that the staff doesn’t have to attend to her bathroom needs if they don’t have time. i.e. not reporting when Ida is forced to go in her pants.
  • Margareta and Gösta do not report abuse from staff, e.g. Ida being locked in her room or finding Ida covered in bruises. Instead they  approve the abuse as something that was necessary for the staff or that it was caused by something Ida did to herself.
  • Margareta and Gösta do not report when Ida is locked in screaming and ignored. Note: there is no other method for Ida to get attention when she is in distress.

The following people have recommended rehab for Ida:

The PT, Elisabeth Turesson, who worked with Ida at the hospital in Ostersund said that she would benefit from rehab plan. The doctors at the stroke ICU said that she was physically in good shape as 89 years old.

Greta – Chairman of the stroke association

Elisabeth Turesson – PT at the hospital in Ostersund.

Kjell-Erik Söder – MD and Owner of a private Stroke rehab center in Östersund, Reacting AB –

Carina Johansson – Coordinator, nurse of stroke chamber

Josh Lieberman – Medical Doctor and friend in Seattle.

She was transferred to Levinsgarden, Gaddede. She has been residing at this place since then.

Despite the recommendations for Ida’s rehab, and despite Ida’s own wishes, Gösta and Margareta have continued to fight and refuse to let her leave the Levinsgarden nursing home.  

The problems, crimes and abuse that Ida is suffering at the Levinsgarden nursing home are outlined in the press release here.

Letter from Simal Saujani

The following is a letter drafted by Simal Saujani who spent time with Ida Johansson and Calle Johansson over the holidays of December and January 2014/2015 while visiting from Canada.

The letter, as attached, was sent to the Queen of Sweden: gäddede letter of appeal.

Her Majesty the Queen,

I am writing to you today on behalf of a friend and his mom. It’s a difficult story to tell, yet perhaps more so, a difficult story to hear. I believe, however, it deserves to be heard, for we are all members of family, parents and children. My concern is with the respect, dignity and compassion we regard the elderly in our community. Sadly, it seems there is a tradition, independent of place, culture or country that marginalizes the elderly. I am asking for your courage and strength, and your kindness; any small effort to ameliorate the struggles of this young man and his mom. For in helping them, I believe we improve the quality of life for everyone.

Two years ago Calle Johansson’s mom, Ida Johansson, suffered a stroke. She lost the use of her right arm and much of her ability to communicate with words.

Nevertheless, as is usual of stroke victims, she remains every bit a lively, engaging and thoughtful woman. But because we choose to neglect her, her suffering is compounded. We deny her small comforts and give her drugs; a nightlight (occasionally taken away) would ease her fear of the dark much better than forced sleeping pills. We refuse her basic care and leave her lying long hours at a time,unable to move in her own excrement. We take away her right to choose and leave her locked away in the nursing home, Levinsgården (Kullenvägen 10, 830 90 Gäddede), –despite her clear and repeated requests to be someplace else.

I met Ida for the first time Sunday, 4 January. She was initially nervous until Calle explained I was a friend; understandable as, since being admitted to Levinsgården, she has developed a fear of the staff and anyone new she does not recognize. We sat together watching skiing on television and shared some food. It was a small politeness but it was easy to see the joy and pride it gave her to invite me for tea at her table. She insisted I try the cookies and made sure to hand some to me. I’m happy to say, when we met two days later, she was much more comfortable with me and extended her hand to hold mine. Knowing she remains there against her will leaves me deeply sad.

Ida has been granted multiple opportunities to be moved to a medical facility and receive physical rehabilitation therapy. Despite the years of trauma at Levinsgården, still she can communicate and has expressed her desire to relocate. The choice,

however, is no longer hers. Why has this right been taken away from her? Why do we refuse her this one essential basic human dignity, the right to personal freedom?

What are we so afraid of?

I believe we are a great society when we value and respect each and everyone equally. I implore you, please review her circumstances. It is tender to realize how frail we can be. And all the more heartbreaking to witness the injustice and cruelty

we allow on the frail and unfortunate few. I hope her story will move you to action, as it has me to write you this letter.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas on the matter.

Humbly yours,

Simal Saujani

Letter from Mandi Gould

To whom it may concern,

I would like to raise the case of Ida Johansson, a friend of ours, who is suffering physical, mental and emotional elder abuse at the nursing home she lives in.

As a friend of Ida, I am writing as representative of a group of international advocates who have spent time with her and who have seen what is happening. We are objective observers and believe what is happening is illegal and violates Ida’s (and the other resident’s) human rights. We are seeking your help.

I have outlined the case, and include a supporting letter from a friend who has most recently spent time with Ida.

Ida Johansson is 92 years old. She suffered a stroke in June 2012. Her husband and daughter denied her post-stroke rehabilitation. She was transferred to the Levinsgården nursing home in Gäddede, the village she lived in.

  • Ida has not yet had any stroke rehabilitation treatment. She is regularly abused.
  • Ida, and the other patients, are made to lie in bed most of the time. Their rooms are sound proofed and no physical or mental stimulation is provided. Doors are sometimes locked and there have been instances where residents have been restrained.
  • Patients are left to urinate and defecate on themselves in bed. They are often unassisted despite calling for help and left to lie in it for hours at a time.
  • Ida and the other residents are strongly medicated, to the point of senselessness.
  • Since September 2014, Ida has been given 7.5mg of Imovane daily. Imovane (a sleeping tablet) can be highly addictive. It is also potentially lethal for a stroke victim who suffers from sleep apnea. Ida’s communication has become increasingly incomprehensible as the dosage of Imovane she is being given has increased.
  • Ida Johansson’s general health is not being maintained. For example, She has untreated skin and toenail infections.
  • Ida is forced to stay in bed all day and night, which is causing her physical pain.
  • Ida’s oral health is not being maintained. She has lost teeth, has dental pain and now finds eating difficult. The risk of developing an infection which could be life threatening for a 92 year old is one which must be taken seriously.
  • Ida’s pain is such that she cries and screams.
  • Patients spend most of their time in bed. Bed rest is contra to recommended stroke rehabilitation. They have no physical or mental stimulation; the dark rooms they stay in bring on depression and feelings of loneliness.
  • Staff do not converse normally or socially with Ida or any of the residents. They ignore Ida and the other patients. They talk over top of them, as one might talk about an animal or an object. Staff show no respect to their residents.
  • The only social time residents at Levinsgården have is at meal time. However meals are eaten in silence. Only one member of staff is present, and visitors are made to leave.
  • Ida is regularly excluded from the church service on Sundays because staff define her enthusiastic singing as ‘disruptive’.
  • Ida is treated as though she has no mental capacity; her expressions of like or dislike, assent or objection, fear or happiness are disregarded.

What a number of people have seen at Levinsgården breaks both Swedish and EU law, and violates the basic human rights of its residents.

Ida Johansson’s husband, Gösta, is her legal spokesperson, however he is unable to understand her attempts to communicate with him, which upsets her deeply. Her diminished communication skills are mistaken for poor cognitive skills.

Ida is being supported by her son, Calle, who has been trying to advocate on her behalf since her stroke. However, the village has ostracized him for challenging the practices at the nursing home.

Calle has been working for two years to alert the authorities to his concerns about the way in which Levinsgården is treating residents. He has not yet had a satisfactory response to his concerns.

Reports have been made to the relevant local authorities. However, we have experienced threats and harassment from Levinsgården when reports have been made. The nursing home denies our claims, and says it acts upon IVO (the Health and Social Care Inspectorate, part of Socialstyrelsen) reports. However, without follow-up, unannounced visits by inspectors, further investigation or rigorous, ongoing supervision, the situation remains unchanged.

The local and municipal police will not consider the case. Calle and a family friend, Maeve Hunter (who is currently staying in Gaddede) have been threatened by the Kommunchef (Municipality Mayor), and harassed by local people and staff for trying to alert the authorities to the ongoing problems.

Having taken as many routes as we can think of to improve the lives of the vulnerable older people at Levinsgården, we are seeking your help. If you could see what is going on there on a daily basis, you would be as appalled and upset as we are. Nobody should require protection from those who claim to provide care, be they health care professionals, ‘good man’ or family.

On behalf of our group, and more importantly, on behalf of Ida Johansson and the other suffering residents of Levinsgården, we thank you in advance for whatever help and attention you can lend to this situation.

Yours sincerely,

Mandi Gould, citizen of Canada

Maeve Hunter, citizen of the United Kingdom

Elliott Donnelley, citizen of the United States of America

Lorenz Ilg, citizen of Switzerland

Buddy Steves, citizen of the United States of America

Chachi Geraldes, citizen of Canada

Letter from Lorenz Ilg


To whom it may concern:

My name is Lorenz Ilg and I have a personal background as a lawyer/barrister as well as judge here in Switzerland.

I’ve been to Gäddedde last time from 2nd until 5th of october 2014 and visited Ida Johansson 3 times: 3rd, 4th and 5th of october. I’ve previously been visiting 17th to 21st of october 2012 as well as from 27th until 30th of december 2012. .I’ve known Calle Johansson since 1990 and have had the privilege of working with him closely many times and in many different situations over the past 24 years. I first met Ida and Gösta in Herräng, Sweden 20 years ago s ago, so I can say that I’ve known the family for some time now!

My own father also suffered several strokes and lives in a home since august 2013. So I have both the knowledge and experience to compare to.

Today I am reporting to you about this case of Ida Joansson with severe neglecting of care, even refusal of care as follows:

  1. When getting her ready for going out for a promenade on the 4th of october 2014, we realised when changing her socks, that her feet were not washed for a long time, she had open, sore skin as well as fungus on almost all her toenails. It is obvious, that the facility she is staying at is not looking after her, not even basic needs of hygiene are fullfilled!
  2. It is obvious to see that her teeth are not well taken care of. Therefore she has a hard time eating independently since she has a lot of pain. It is very clear that the facility Ida is staying at is not providing the absolute necessary care, instead let her health get worse and worse!
  3. When visiting her in the afternoon around 17 o’clock on the 4th of october she was still or again in bed, without any stimulation. The same happened on the mornign on the 5th of october, when we tried to visit her around 11 o’clock: she was still in bed! Obviously the schedule issued for her rehabilitation is not followed through at all! We could never witness any kind of therapy in this direction – not the least sign of it, and neither now nor in 2012! How can a stroke patient not get any kind of rehabilitation or therapy, not even the least kind of activity?!!! Honestly, it is hard to believe that this is even possible in a developped country like Sweden!!! My father got daily therapy from the very beginning after his stroke – and still gets it daily!
  4. When visiting on the evening of the 3rd of october 2014 she hasn’t even had dinner yet, but got her night-fika at the same time. So she got neglected feeding her, or feeding her at the same time! It seems that the facility is not providing her any kind of regularity in her day, neither for a daily routine in general nor when it comes to eating/feeding! How can this be possible in a developped country like Sweden!
  5. It was very obvious that Ida Johansson gets sedated by strong medication. Through a coincidence we found a paper in the bin which showed that they took out 100 tablets of 5mg each of Imovane on the 5th of September! There are evidences that she gets even the generica of Zopiclone, which could sum up to an even higher dose of almost 7.5 mg of Imovane daily! Even worse we hear that she is getting this since 2012! It is internationally notorious that Imovane is totally contraindicated for stroke patients (see p.ex., page 4) and should only be taken for a short period, recommended only for 2 – 4 weeks.
  6. Every time we visited Ida Johansson at our last visit 3rd, 4th and 5th of october it took over 10 minutes until some care staff of the facility appeared after Ida called for help to get ready to even recieve visitors in her room!
  7. It is remarkable, that the remiss of the first doctor of Ida Johansson to treat her at Remonthagen got taken back after very short time. Was it because of economical reasons or under pressure of some family members? How comes that the medical diagnosis of a doctor does not win over some particulary intrests of either family members or economical intrests (like p.ex. not giving an older stroke patient the treatment they need and they’ve paid for during her lifetime)?
  8. While I know Göste Johansson and have had good interactions with him prior to Ida’s stroke it seems quite clear that he is not up to the job of being a Good Man for Ida and has endangered his wife by not properly overseeing her course of treatment or standing up for what I have witnessed to be her improper treatment and care. I understand that a police report has been filed agains Gosta as well. Based upon my knowledge of the current situation I think it is in the best interest of Ida that a new Good Man is found who is capable of looking out for the best interest of Ida.
  9. I also understand that Anders Andersson, Chairman of the Östersund kommun, has been involved in the process of nominating Gosta as the good man, even being present in person. This seems completely inappropriate and borders on corruption. I’m deeply concerned that not only is Ida Johanson being mistreated but that the Swedish health care system and criminal justice system is not handling this case in a proper fashion.

I also strongly question the management of the facility Levinsgarden.

I’d strongly encourage you to act quickly to correct this situation and to hold those accountable for Ida’s poor level of care and what I have seen to be her ongoing mistreatment.

Best regards

Lorenz Ilg

Incident Log

The following incident log was recorded by United Kingdom citizen, Maeve Hunter, during the time that she spent in Gaddede observing the incidents of abuse that Ida suffered during that period.

Date Description
15-09-14 Ida forcibly restrained by staff
16-09-14 Ida waits 20 mins for assistance
18-09-14 Ida not assisted to the bathroom, forced to defecate in her diaper
18-09-14 Ida seems heavily drugged
19-09-14 Ida isolated during meal
20-09-14 Ida not assisted to the bathroom, forced to defecate in her diaper
Ida taken from our company against her will, by force
21-09-14 Ida isolated during meal
22-09-15 We notice Ida’s dose of Imovane has gone up to 7.5mg
23-09-14 Ida locked into her room (soundproofed door means she can’t be heard)
24-09-14 Staff consider making fika more important than helping Ida to the bathroom
25-09-14 Ida not assisted to the bathroom, forced to defecate in her diaper
26-09-14 Ida locked into her room with staff- she is screaming
27-09-14 Ida seems heavily drugged
Ida isolated during meal
Ida appears to have bad toenail and skin infections
Ida forced to bed against her will
28-09-14 Ida seems heavily drugged
Ida isolated during meal
I observe her sleep apnea
I notice her cough worsening
29-09-14 I notice a stye in her eye
Ida seems heavily drugged
Inaccurate documentation by staff on Ida’s wall chart
30-09-14 Ida waits 25 mins for assistance

Letter from Elliott Donnelley

Date: Mon, Sep 10, 2012

When I visited Calle and his mother in Gaddede from August 13-17th I found his mother to be alert active and, although unable to form words due to her stroke, very responsive and willing and eager to engage n physical activity. She was very aware of what was going on and understood what people said to her as well as followed all of the conversations around her.  I also noticed first hand  how the staff at the facility were less than responsive to her needs.

Contratry to the local Nursing staff’s allegations, Calle was very respectful, loving and caring of his mother and was kind and respectful to the facility’s staff.

During my visit two residents of Gaddede approached us and told a similar story of neglect by the local nursing facility.  The mother of the woman we spoke with had not been cared for properly and developed an infection which led to her legs being amputated. When she complained the head nurse apparently threatened her and her mother. When she filed a formal complaint with the local authorities,  the nurse was outwardly more responsive but the course of care materially did not change. The residents were nervous about sharing the story with us and were afraid to go on the record as they feared retaliation.