Cecilia Ericzon’s attempt to seek justice through the Swedish Courts

Cecilia Ericzon is a Swedish citizen and friend to Calle Johansson and Ida Johansson. The following is an account of her attempt to seek justice through the Swedish courts.

Cecilia took the case to the highest authority within medicine and care in Sweden; Socialstyrelsen.

She wrote a report of experience at the Levinsgaarden nursing home to Socialstyrelsen. ( Nowadays it is called IVO.)

She also called them several times and gave them new reports.

After some months the Socialstyreslen finally inspected Levinsgaarden. Their investigation confirmed that Levinsgaarden had done wrong in several ways. They made several demands of how Levinsgaarden would have to rectify their unethical and illegal practices. However, Levinsgaarden did not implement those changes.

When Cecilia reported again to them that Levinsgaarden was persisting in their crimes, the Socialstyrelsen became very passive. Their response was simply that Levinsgaarden MUST obey and make the changes, but they made no follow up to monitor whether or not the changes were actually being made.

Cecilia also reported the staff and Anders Andersson to JO (Justitieombudsmannen), the law entity to whom you can report the malpractice of authorities who aren’t following the law. JO turned the case down making reference to the fact that Socialstyrelsen was already involved and that should be enough.

Cecilia wrote to different ministers within the government, but they answered that as ministers, it’s against the Swedish law for them to interfere but wished the cause good luck .

The Swedish Legal government  – how is it organized?

  1. Tingsrätt
  2. Hovrätt
  3. Högsta domstolen

Most cases are solved at Tingsrätten.

If you are not satisfied with their judgement you can take it to Hovrätten if they give you permission for a new trial .

If you disagree with their judgements and you get permission you can take the case to Högsta domstolen .

There is no jury in the Swedish court system .

They have the judge, lawyers and nämndemän (jurors) but not an actual jury . Nämndemän are people with different types of education that are been chosen to be a person with high integrity at trials. Since they attend at several cases they get a lot of experience. They listen and the judge can discuss the case with them but it is the judge who decides .

In the case of Ida’s God man, there was no permission to take it further than Tingsrätten .