About Ida – Before the Stroke

Ida Johansson was a vibrant Swedish senior citizen before her stroke. She was a very active, social person:

  • Ida took walks every single day. Often with Dad and when he didn’t want to go she went herself.
  • She always read books and she recommended the books she read to other people in the village.
  • She did crossword puzzles.
  • She always had a book and a crossword puzzle in her purse if she would have to sit and wait somewhere.
  • She always went to the library to look for new books to read.
  • She always went to church. She was a very devoted Christian and wanted to help everyone she could. She care strongly for everyone in trouble.
  • She played piano everyday and she was singing everyday – music was her biggest passion.

Ida’s son, Calle Johansson, comments: “I also wonder if it is clear how devastating a Stroke is and that no one in their right mind would refuse a Stroke victim the care that exists, which is what the Swedish Stroke Association said, and which should be very clear to everyone that would put themselves in the same situation. You would suffer as much if you are old as you would do if you are young from a Stroke. The Stroke Association, among others, even said that they have never heard of someone that would refuse a person the care that exists. Everyone does the opposite: They fight to get even more care – they want the best care for their loved ones.”