Letter from Elliott Donnelley

Date: Mon, Sep 10, 2012

When I visited Calle and his mother in Gaddede from August 13-17th I found his mother to be alert active and, although unable to form words due to her stroke, very responsive and willing and eager to engage n physical activity. She was very aware of what was going on and understood what people said to her as well as followed all of the conversations around her.  I also noticed first hand  how the staff at the facility were less than responsive to her needs.

Contratry to the local Nursing staff’s allegations, Calle was very respectful, loving and caring of his mother and was kind and respectful to the facility’s staff.

During my visit two residents of Gaddede approached us and told a similar story of neglect by the local nursing facility.  The mother of the woman we spoke with had not been cared for properly and developed an infection which led to her legs being amputated. When she complained the head nurse apparently threatened her and her mother. When she filed a formal complaint with the local authorities,  the nurse was outwardly more responsive but the course of care materially did not change. The residents were nervous about sharing the story with us and were afraid to go on the record as they feared retaliation.