More details about the Thursday March 28th, 2013

Recap of the meeting as sited in #25 on this page: UN Rights Abuses Ida Has Suffered

  1. Informational

(- intimidation, lynch mob feeling for calle)

date: Thursday March 28, 2013

place: LG

present: big meeting, 30 people, everyone living at LG and all their families, LG staff, barbro

dad, mom, calle,

The following incident speaks to the desire of the LG group to break Calle’s spirit, through threats and humiliation.

  • Calle received a phone call the morning of March 28th to inform him that LG is having a public meeting.  He received no explanation as to what it was about.
  • When he arrives, he’s surprised by 30 people being present. It’s highly likely that the other people had prior notice of the meeting.
  • All the residents and their families are present, many of whom live far away so they’ve obviously been given advanced notice.
  • Barbro explains that LG has never received any complaints but outlines how one would register a complaint if they wanted to.
  • Then she says, there is one complaint.  She reads this to room, then announces that everyone should take a break to consider it.
  • When they reconvene, Calle’s father stands up and reads from a prepared statement that his son, Calle, is responsible for sending in the complaint.  The attitude of the room turns against Calle.
  • Note: The complaint was actually made by Cecilia, not Calle. See: CECILIA ERICZON’S ATTEMPT TO SEEK JUSTICE THROUGH THE SWEDISH COURTS
  • Calle was unable to defend himself;  all he could do was stand there, holding mom’s hand, taking the abuse.
  • The meeting went on with attacks on Calle for some time.
  • Only one person, Märit, resident of LG, VERY BRAVELY, stood up and said, “it’s actually not very good here“. She explains that the residents actually aren’t treated very well.
  • Märit’s family interjects and suggests that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and should not be paid attention to.
  • Her daughter and granddaughter both affirmed their belief that Märit is  mentally ill and they object. Märit says (later), “How would you know? You’re never here.“
  • They asked her, what’s not good.
  • Märit says, staff are rude, they curse and they don’t treat us right.
  • finally dad is done and sits.
  • after dad gave his speech the room broke in to applause with everyone staring Calle down.
  • then, the staff accuse calle of locking mom in a dark room. (This is what had been reported to ivo by cecilia.)
  • calle never made these reports, mostly because he genuinely feared for mom’s good care and even her life.
  • especially after the threats of sept 8.
  • calle really couldn’t know how serious their threats were. they could really could kill mom and get away with it.
  • furthermore, calle was discouraged from going to the police.
  • others had reported to the police and received backhanded threats since the commune manager knows the police


The following letter is a response from Ohan Lunblad, a friend of Ida and Calle Johansson’s who was present at the meeting on Thursday, March 28, 2013 in which Calle was attacked and denounced as a menace to the Levinsgarden and Gaddede community. See #25 on this page: UN Rights Abuses Ida Has Suffered.

Letter from Ohan Lunblad:

I’m glad I could visit Calle and Ida, and I try to help as much as possible! Sadly I could only stay there a short time. The feeling I have from this visit is very mixed. I managed to see Ida 7 times, in four days, and the last time I saw here was Thursday 28th April, just before “the information meeting”. I have the ambition to tell you about all the seven visits. This mail is mostly about that last one, and we’ll see how, and when, I’ll manage to tell you about the other ones.

Calle is so grate, and Ida has been very happy to see me every time I have been there. But its obvious that she does not feel safe where she is now. We have heard here scream in horror almost every time we left here. One of the evenings when we left, or was kicked out, the feeling of walking through the empty corridor, hearing Ida’s scream made me think of the movie “the shining”. I’m not evens sure if I can completely comprehend how Ida must feel.

In the morning of the last full day I spent in Gäddede I joined Calle when he was taking Märit, who also lives at Levinsgården, for a walk. We returned with Märit a couple of hours before the meeting, and Barbro Blom said that there was a person there who wanted to talk with Calle. It was the security administrator at Strömsund komun, named Irene.

The three of us sat down in the lobby, and she explained that she wanted to understand the situation regarding Calle, Ida and Levinsgården. I was mostly observing the conversation quietly and noticed a couple of things that made me feel that things did not quite add up. She claimed that she wanted to make sure that Ida will get treated with respect and get the proper care, but at times I felt that she was very defensive. For example she was several timer sitting with here arms in a cross and calming that thins that had been done wrong could not possible have been happening. She also had some strange questions and comments. Asking Calle how much more he can take, like she was fishing for how soon he will collapse, and then apologized for asking, not to give suspension. She had started with “Isn’t it grate here!”, (No, Ida is afraid!) and “And Ida must be so much better now.” (No, she get worse everyday due to the “treatment”.) “But it can not be due to the personal at Levinsgåden?” (Well, they are the one who force Ida to bed, to much of the time and against here will…) And she made clear that she, as the security administrator, had made up some restrictions regarding what you can do in the buildings, “in order to protect the once employed by Strömsunds komun”. But here rules are disagreeing with Swedish law…

Towards the end of the talk with Irene, I pushed for that she should see Ida together with Calle.

She had asked about seeing Ida, but had shown some hesitation. There was some minutes before the big meeting so we went in to see Ida. As usual she was relay happy to see Calle and me.

When I observed Ida while Irene was talking to here about when she was living in Gäddede, it was obvious to me that Ida understood what Irene was talking about. I could easily read on Ida’s face what she was trying to say thing like:

“Hi, who are you?”

“Ya, I remember that, don’t you Calle!”

“I’m glad to see a a new person here!”

“No, don’t leave, we are not done talking!”

So the claims that Ida is not able to communicate are definitely not true!

As the information meeting was about to start, the room was filling up with people and I was asked to leave by Calle’s father. I asked Barbro Blom If I could stay but she said that it was only for close relatives. I asked if I could wait outside and how long the meeting would take, and she said that the meeting would take one and a half to two hours. Calle asked me to get him some bananas since he had not yet gotten any lunch. Before I left I told Barbro that I would come back to hand Calle something to eat.

When I got back, Irene, the security administrator, had spotted me through the window and came to meet me in the corridor. She whispered that Calle’s father was speaking and that the moment was not to be disturbed, and took the bananas to Calle. Then I could hear that the crowd was applauding, and I got a relay bad feeling and I was shaking as I left the building. I knew that Calle was alone in there with everybody in there against him, and I felt sad that I could not support him in the meeting. It was definitely not a meeting that would have been pleasant to be at, especially not alone.



Additional notes from Calle Johansson regarding the meeting:

The meeting was on Thursday March 28th, 2013.

The minor thing is that Märit’s daughter and granddaughter didn’t explicitly say that Märit is crazy, although that was the outcome. The way they put it was that Märit is less knowing and that no one should take notice of what she says – an easy way to shut her up in front of all the others. Nothing could be more untrue as both Ohan and Cecilia can confirm who have met Märit.

Märit is very smart and quick thinking and her timing is impeccable. She did one really remarkable thing at the end of this meeting – a thing that beats even the movies. A tiny thing that shut everyone else up. At the end of the meeting it was a very threatening atmosphere in the room, where people in the meeting had claimed me to be mentally ill and psychotic (although it all seemed very staged since people knew when they were going to talk directed by Barbro and that Dad even had his talk written down). Ohan describes it well in his report. When the meeting is over people are VERY angry with me and it clearly didn’t feel safe to be there. One person stands up and starts clapping slowly. Then others join until the whole room stands up applauding. People form a line for Dad to show him sympathy and shake his hand saying “Thank You for what you have done”. Märit came up to me instead, shook my hand and said the exact same words: “Thank You for what you have done”. The person shaking Dad’s hand suddenly looked really ridiculous and it took the edge off the rage that they had worked so hard to create. I had to laugh when Märit did this. It was a true moment.

Märit is a phenomenal lady. She has the most soft and polite, but perfect comments with perfect timing that can just undress anyone when they are doing wrong. There have been many of those occasions over the past couple of years. It would be worth writing a book just about Märit. Another of her spot on comments is from this meeting when her daughter and granddaughter claims that Levinsgården is really great taking care of their residents really well and Märit replies “How do you know? You are never here.”.

Nevertheless, what you have written below is correct. It was a horrible, scary and very creepy meeting. I hope that I never will have to face a meeting like this again. And definitely not without Märit.