Who is Involved

Fighting for Ida

  • Calle Johansson – Ida’s son and champion, fighting the Levinsgården abuse
  • Chachi Geraldes – a friend from Toronto, Canada staying in Gaddede to support Ida and Calle.
  • Cecilia Ericzon – a friend in Sweden who reported the abuse that she witnessed to the authorities.
  • Mandi Gould – a friend in Canada supporting the effort remotely.
  • Elliott Donnelley – friend from San Francisco, USA who has been to Gaddede and is supporting Calle and Ida remotely.
  • Maeve Hunter – a friend from the UK who spent time in Gaddede in Fall 2014 to support Ida and Calle.
  • Simal Saujani – a friend from Toronto, Canada who spent time in Gaddede over the 2014/2015 holidays.
  • Lorenz Ilg – a friend from Zurich, Switzerland, who has been to Gaddede.

Part of the Abuse Against Ida

  • Margareta Johansson – Ida’s daughter
  • Gösta Johansson – Ida’s husband and “God Man
  • Dr. Mats Ullén – GP
  • Barbro Blom – The head nurse.
  • Maria Strängby – Nurse, Manager
  • Ellinor Lindman – Nurse
  • Håkan Jonsson – a retired GP in Gäddede
  • Levinsgarden – The Nursing home – Dr. Mats Ullén, Barbro Blom, Maria Strängby and Nurse Ellinor are the team of people who are supposed to be “taking care” of Ida at the Levinsgården, nursing home in Gaddede, Sweden.

Immediately following Ida’s Stroke

Ida Johansson suffered from a stroke on 6/29/2012 and was sent to the hospital in Ostersund by ambulance. She stayed at the hospital for about two of weeks.

Dr. Mats Ullén originally wrote a referral to transfer Ida to a rehabilitation centre but then withdrew the referral after Ida’s husband refused her rehabilitation plan.Dr. Mats Ullén originally told Calle Johansson how important it was for Ida to get rehabilitation. Now Dr. Mats Ullén says that Ida would not benefit from rehabilitation. She would recover better from being in a home environment and by seeing her husband every day and that sending her away would make her worse.

Also, Dr. Mats Ullén did not send Ida to a hospital even though he diagnosed her as having a second stroke on 8/7/2012.

Håkan Jonsson – a retired GP in Gäddede – made a neurological second opinion about Mom’s need for rehabilitation. He is also the person prescribing Mom 7.5mg Zopiclone every day.

Why Do Ida’s Daughter & Husband Object to Rehab?

The principal reason why Ida was not sent for proper rehab was because her daughter and husband refused it. Her husband, Gösta Johansson, is Ida’s “God Man” like a guardian or trustee. You can read more about his appointment as “God Man” here.

Many people have wondered why they object to the rehab. It’s difficult for Ida’s son, Calle Johansson, to understand why his sister and father are behaving that way. Mainly, it’s felt that Calle’s father is under the manipulative influence of his daughter, Margareta Johansson. Perhaps it’s about money. Perhaps it’s about control. Perhaps it’s about some kind of revenge.

Their explanation of their objection to rehab is that Ida is too weak physically to get through rehab and also that she is mentally unequipped to benefit from it which is simply untrue.  Before she had a stroke, Ida went on long walks almost every day, read books, did crossword puzzles. She was very social and had many friends. She was very active and was in good shape for being 89 years old.

It’s important to understand all of the ways that Ida’s daughter, Margareta Johansson, and husband, Gösta Johansson, do not have Ida’s best interest in mind:

  • They insisted on getting Ida a private room, not because of a desire for privacy but for isolation.
  • They behave as though they are happy to hear Ida’s screams of loneliness and the anxiety that the isolation causes.
  • They encourage the staff to keep the room in pitch dark though Ida’s daughter well knows that she is afraid of dark.
  • Margareta and Gösta make a point and even argue to to keep Ida in the dark at Levinsgården, and to have her locked in to her room.
  • Margareta continues to paint Ida’s finger nails even though she knows her mother hates it. There is some sort of very sick and bizarre assertion of control in this continuing to take place.
  • Margareta, knowing that her mother hated electric tooth brushes before she ever had a stroke, sent an electric toothbrush to the home. Though most of the time they neglect Ida’s oral hygiene altogether, when they do attend to it they use the electric toothbrush which Ida demonstrates that she hates.
  • Margareta brought pants that are too small for Ida but requires the staff to force her in to the small pants anyways.
  • Margareta and Gösta argue and force Ida to bed against her wishes in the morning, in the afternoon and early in the evening when she is clearly fighting to stay up and objecting to bed rest in any possible way she can.
  • Margareta and Gösta argue against Ida’s right to go to the bathroom justifying this by saying that the staff doesn’t have to attend to her bathroom needs if they don’t have time. i.e. not reporting when Ida is forced to go in her pants.
  • Margareta and Gösta do not report abuse from staff, e.g. Ida being locked in her room or finding Ida covered in bruises. Instead they  approve the abuse as something that was necessary for the staff or that it was caused by something Ida did to herself.
  • Margareta and Gösta do not report when Ida is locked in screaming and ignored. Note: there is no other method for Ida to get attention when she is in distress.

The following people have recommended rehab for Ida:

The PT, Elisabeth Turesson, who worked with Ida at the hospital in Ostersund said that she would benefit from rehab plan. The doctors at the stroke ICU said that she was physically in good shape as 89 years old.

Greta – Chairman of the stroke association

Elisabeth Turesson – PT at the hospital in Ostersund.

Kjell-Erik Söder – MD and Owner of a private Stroke rehab center in Östersund, Reacting AB –http://www.reacting.se

Carina Johansson – Coordinator, nurse of stroke chamber

Josh Lieberman – Medical Doctor and friend in Seattle.

She was transferred to Levinsgarden, Gaddede. She has been residing at this place since then.

Despite the recommendations for Ida’s rehab, and despite Ida’s own wishes, Gösta and Margareta have continued to fight and refuse to let her leave the Levinsgarden nursing home.  

The problems, crimes and abuse that Ida is suffering at the Levinsgarden nursing home are outlined in the press release here.