Summary of the Abuse

At Levinsgården:

  • Ida is forced to lie in bed most of the time, against her will. Other residents are frequently confined to their rooms, encouraged to rest all day, and provided with no alternative activities or physical/intellectual stimulation, so effectively they have no choice. The rooms are soundproofed and frequently locked. Bed rest is contra to recommended stroke rehabilitation, never mind basic maintenance of health. Additionally, isolation in darkness brings on depression and feelings of loneliness.
  • We have evidence that at least two of the residents, including Ida, are frequently left to soil themselves in bed, their requests for bathroom access denied. They are then left lying in their own waste for hours at time; this is psychologically destructive, as well as potentially life-threatening (through septicemia).
  • Ida and the other residents are excessively sedated, to the point of confusion and loss of coordination.
  • Ida’s general health is not being maintained; she has untreated lung, skin and toenail infections.
  • Ida’s oral health is not being maintained. Tooth-brushing is often neglected, so over the past two years, she has lost many teeth, and suffers extreme pain when eating. The risk of infection is also potentially lethal at her age.
  • Staff show no respect for any of the residents, talking over their heads, handling or moving them without warning or explaining what they are doing, and almost never conversing with them normally.
  • A crucial social time for the residents at Levinsgården is meal time, but meals are eaten in silence, presided over by one member of staff, and visitors are forced to leave.
  • Ida is treated as though she has no mental capacity by other members of her family and staff, despite being clearly communicative of decisions and opinions. Her expressions of like or dislike, assent or objection, fear or happiness (limited minimally by her lack of speech, post-stroke, which could be regained with rehabilitation) are disregarded.
  • Ida, a devout practising Christian, is occasionally excluded from the church service on Sundays because staff define her enthusiastic singing as ‘disruptive’.