Update from Calle Johansson – Feb 23

There has still not been any change:

She [Ida] is locked in, put in a dark room in isolation, refused to go to the bathroom, punished and put in isolation when she complains or cries about the mistreatment, refused to eat with others, being drugged to unresponsiveness (she is given Zopiclone 7.5mg EVERY evening), etc…

Ida drugged, unresponsive.

February 2nd, 2015

Mom had pooped in her pants. I don’t know how long she had been lying in this. They have changed her diapers now. It stinks in her room, but not in the bathroom. I don’t think they even took her out of the bed.

February 3rd, 2015

They have put Mom in bed in a dark room. 

They have put her to bed in a dark room, not taken her to the bathroom and they have drugged her.

February 4th, 2015

  • Mom was in bed in a dark room when we got there at 4pm.
  • She was alone in the dark screaming. No one came to see her from the staff. 
  • It was 5 of the staff in the office. Still no one cared enough to see why Mom was screaming. And they didn’t care about that they had put her in the dark in the middle of the day – who knows when. 
  • None of the other residents were anywhere. Do they not encourage any activities or social interactions here. Is this a prison?

 This is called torture in all other situations. For an old or injured it is far beyond this.

Later the same day.

They have put Mom in bed. 

She is screaming.

February 8th

Mom closed in in bed in dark room screaming so I could hear it in the corridor when I came. No one bothered to care about that. Insane! Mom is not allowed up for dinner.

February 9th

Mom is in bed in the dark. Horrible poop stunk in her room. I don’t know how anyone can survive in this stunk. They have the door closed instead of airing it out. Mom is closed in in this stunk. Horrible! No smell in the bathroom though. She was forced to do in her pants again most likely in bed.

February 10th

Mom in bed in the dark drugged with the door closed when I got here before 7:40pm.

She was happy to see me, but she is VERY drugged. 

Kjell Söder called. Mom wanted to talk to him, but she couldn’t. She was too drugged. Really insane again tonight. 

Kjell wants to help. 

We need to get Mom out of Levinsgården ASAP. Can you help?

February 11th

Mom drugged and put to bed in a dark room before I got here. Who knows when…

Door to her room was closed.

February 14th

Mom was already drugged when I got here.

February 18th

Mom in isolation cell. They had put her in bed in a dark room and closed her in. This was before 7pm. I don’t know if she has even been up this evening. She was already in pajamas when I got here and she is completely gone, drugged.  She makes sounds but she doesn’t respond to anything.

An hour later.

They made Mom’s room completely dark and put her in bed and drugged her. Then they closed the soundproof door so they couldn’t hear Mom’s sounds and struggle to breathe. 

Sick people. So sick!

Another hour later.

No fika for Mom tonight. 

She is still so drugged that she doesn’t react to anything. She is very anxious when they drug her. She is moving, making sounds and screaming. But she is so drugged that she can’t react to anything that she sees or hears. 

It is horrible to watch this.

Another hour later.

Still completely unresponsive.

February 20th

Mom is in bed in a dark room completely drugged. She looks at me but she is completely unresponsive. 


She is lying making sounds and they have put on music and closed her in. 

The others are having fika. 


Music has been on since 6:40pm.

She was put to bed before then. 


Yesterday she was not allowed up for lunch. 


February 21st

Mom has very much pain in her stomach. She is refused to go to the bathroom. She hasn’t pooped for 7 days. Feb 14th was last time. Mom is in great agony and she is suffering. I called Dad. He refuses to help her. He hung up. 

What can I do?

This is all very much in line with how the year started. January 1st:

Staff claims Mom didn’t need to go to the bathroom. Mom’s room stinks of pee when we come in. Dad confirms. However, he doesn’t care about that the staff lied and that they refused her to go to the bathroom. He will not take any action.

Also from Ida’s son, Calle Johansson:

Zopiclone (Imovane)

Mom has been given at least 7.5mg Zopiclone every day since at least September 16th, 2014, see record below.

We know that they have giving Mom sleeping pills and possibly other drugs (Sobril, Stesolid, Citalopram) without putting this in Mom’s records. Cecilia has also witnessed this. There has also been indications that they have given Mom more than 7.5mg. So it is possible that she has been given more and it is known that she has been given Zopiclone (Imovane) when they have denied it and not put it in her records. But, we do have this record:

Zopiclone (Imovane) was first given to Mom in the fall of 2012 soon after her Stroke. It was confirmed by the staff initially then denied until summer 2014 when I confronted them with proofs and other statements from the staff. We do have this from May 2013:

Mom did NOT have any trouble sleeping. I spent every night with her in Östersund the first week after her Stroke. I also spent several nights initially at Levinsgården. Mom did not have any trouble sleeping. However, she woke up around 5am as she always did also before her Stroke needing to go to the bathroom. Levinsgården refused Mom to go to the bathroom, which made Mom cry and make noise and have panic until she couldn’t hold it in anymore having to pee in bed. After she done that she was completely devastated and could stare in the ceiling for a couple of hours. No trouble sleeping, but she did make noise and she did try to get out of bed when she needed to go to the bathroom, which was very normal for her even before her Stroke.

The justification from the doctor and the nurses and Dad is that Mom cannot sleep without sleeping pills. They all did know very well that Mom needed to go to the bathroom in the night, but they refused her to go and gave her sleeping pills claiming that she couldn’t sleep. Then they also use this against her in the days refusing her to get out of bed claiming that she was too tired to get up.